Our Team


Jan Mitchell

Jan fosters abused and neglected animals for the Longmont Humane Society and animal rescue organizations. A passion for bicycling took her to parts of the world that inspired her to make a difference outside Colorado. Her masters in social work, certification in massage and experience in hospice have all greatly contributed to her work with KI. She shares her home with three dogs and a cat.


Mindy Sterling
Vice President

Mindy officially joined Jan’s crusade in Ethiopia in 1998 and helped her form a non-profit organization. She has worked in major emergency vet hospitals and runs a small pet service. She has been a professional entertainer for 30 years, which enabled her to originally visit Africa in 1979. It was reuniting with her high school buddy in Boulder that presented the incomparable opportunity to work there. She shares her Denver home with her husband Jon (KI's treasurer) and their 2 pets.


Jon Houser Sterling

Jon has been working in the field of accounting and finance for over 12 years. He is also an accomplished musician, which allowed him to travel to Uganda in May of 2000 with an AIDS relief mission. He is an avid animal lover and supporter of animal rights. He is excited to be working with such a fine organization that shares his zeal for life and respect for all living things.

Jon and Mindy share their lives with a tabby tortie and a Great Dane.

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