The photos say it all

The students are finishing the books with borrowing cards and envelopes and all are on the shelves by subject and each has a sticker with the subject. They have been stellar in their consistent desire to get it right and finish. So, the payoff is that we play lots of learning games which I have to make up on the spot most times. We ran out of cards and envelopes and got creative in making more. They are engaged and at the end of the day we sing and play instruments. They want to perform in the ceremony for the opening of the library.
A very nice woman from Canada whom I have never met, sent all of the books on sex ed. I am so grateful to have this section in the library.

We had fun today

I have been working with the same 5 students since Tuesday. They are amazing. Rashida,Theresa,Augustina, Stephan and Mumuni . He is the clown of the group and the first one to jump to use the dictionary if he doesn’t know a word.
Today we learned they learned to use a dictionary, thesaurus and Encyclopedia. It is a process but they are all really intelligent and catch on quickly. We are getting the identifier stickers onto the books and stamping them with the Yua Library logo.

Yesterday, Mumuni just hummed a beat, I followed him and then the others followed with their own sounds and the same beat. It was magic. Today they asked to do it again. We were making music. I brought some toy instruments and the sound was pure joy.

The library is coming together even though lots of the shelves are empty. Ayamdooh keeps reminding me that they will get filled in the coming years.
Julius is a kind man who cares about the students succeeding. He is going to run the library with his velvet hammer.
We stopped at a school on the way to see what they had created for washing their hands. It is very clever and simple. So, when we got to Yua, I asked that two students make one of them so children could wash before entering the library. A stick is the “pedal” and the jug holds the water.
A hole is in the jug and when it tips, the water comes out.

Imposia cooks for the students who work with me. She is showing off her new necklace.
So now, the children eat and drink water from a borehole near our building. In years past, the same cup was used by every student and dipped into a plastic container. Also, in the past, the kids were so hungry at the end of school that it was hard for them to concentrate as much as they wanted to. Now, I was exhausted and when I asked if they were tired, they stood up and all cheered, “NO!”
It was a great day.