All is not lost

Today was my second day of working at the library. Yesterday was a bit of a nightmare for me though. Some boxes of books got wet and grew black mold. Two of my bags got stolen and I am missing the spout to the water container. Unfortunately, after going through all of my bags, I am also missing the metal shelf subject plates too.
We thought the chordless drill was in the stolen bags, but found it today so I can drill screws into the thick concrete walls to hang plaques, posters and signs.

Julius, is the man who will run the library. I met him several years ago while teaching in the school. He embraced this new teaching and was noticed by another organization for his unique skills. He has since been asked by them to speak to other teachers and share his methods.

A man showed up who I thought was Akonyure, a villager who I asked to be “keeper of the animals” in 2001 on my first trip. He had never gone to school and we spoke only through our shared love of animals. I was so impressed that he knew what I was saying when I told him where to put the books as we were categorizing them. After about 20 minutes, I said, “wow, when did your english get so good?” Ayamdooh said from the other room, “Jan, that is Julius.” Oh, I was so embarrassed and gave him a big hug. He is so kind, that he just kept letting me guide him when he needed no guidance at all.

This morning I woke up knowing what to expect and letting go of the sadness of losing so many books and the fiasco that was yesterday.
Our task today was to finish putting all of the books in categories. We actually finished that today and got some books on the shelves. We are creating a children’s corner and the primary school teacher came to visit and loved the idea. Kids will sit on the floor in a circle and discuss what was read to them.

Julius, the man who will run the library got 5 students to come help. One of the girls was amazing. She ended up organizing the others so that they could help each other figure out categories.
It was really exciting to see the reference section glow with encyclopedias and dictionaries. It will even be more exciting when they learn to use them.

My hope is that we get all the books labeled and the library finished with some time left to listen to some music and teach the kids how to use the library. I am sure that each day I don’t have to smell or look at mold will be better and better.

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