First days

Wisdom's father 2015

first day visiting outlying schools

first day visiting outlying schools

We visited the outlying schools the first day. I had never been. Mostly primary schools and one Jr. high. I have been saying how important it is to build a strong foundation of education in the primary grades and yet I haven’t taught in them. So, this trip is going to focus on them. Primary student

Visiting Wisdom’s house was bittersweet. His father was frail in contrast to his strength in the past. He used to jump up from his chair and say, “Ohhh…ohhh…oooh” joyfully when I would arrive. Now he is blind and has testicular cancer. This time he struggled to get out of his chair. His hands are still rough from picking peanuts from their stems, even now. Wisdom, his son loves animals as much as his father. He never beats them. The bull and donkey I bought them look strong and healthy while willingly following their family into their compound.

Wisdom and "Honda" the bull.

Wisdom and “Honda” the bull.

Wisdom is still teaching villagers and the people coming in from Burkino Faso (Yua shares their border) that beating their animals can cause open wounds which can get infected. If any of you remember, his own bull died when people threw rocks at him and the wound got infected. We couldn’t save him. Wisdom went on a mission to show people other ways of keeping the animals from eating crops which is why they threw rocks. Unfortunately it means tying them up through the harvest season,but better than beatings. Fences aren’t a reality here.

Goat in a bowl

Goat in a bowl

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  1. Hi Jan, you are looking cool in the Northern Ghana Savanna, my regards to Poke, Ayamdoo and Akunz if you see them.

  2. Here I’ve been imagining you sweating in the jungles, but YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!

    Love and congrats! Elaine