Carrying 3100 condoms to the clinic

We dropped 3,100 condoms at the Yua Medical Clinic.  The nurses confirmed that only one girl has gotten pregnant in the 4 years that we have shown the DVD on correct condom use.

3100 condoms to the clinic

It is really a joy to find out that they have continued to show the DVD every term to all of the students.  Even in the primary school!!  I was surprised, but they said that is where the one girl got pregnant.  She was 17 and in the equivalent of 5th grade.

The nurse said to me, “we know they are thinking about sex, so why shouldn’t we tell them the correct way?”  She added that anyone who is willing to go to the front of the class and put the condom on the wooden penis gets one cedi (about 50cents).

In the past, when I approached the topic of condoms and sex, some girls didn’t look at me and only

Boys sex ed with Pok

one nurse would sit up straight and talk straight forward about it.  Now, with out hesitation, one person working in the clinic said that the men like the condoms I bring better than the ones the government supplies.  The ones from Planned Parenthood are thinner and they can feel more than the thicker ones.  So, now the talk is frank and to the point.  As far as I am concerned, that is the only way to teach this subject.

Girls sex ed-giving out a condom for answering a question about the DVD

So, next we went to school and Pok taught the boys and I taught the girls.  Pok had never said the words, “penis” and “vagina” before last year.  Ayamdooh got sick and couldn’t teach so Pok had a crash course in sex ed on our drive to Yua.  He was so proud of himself and felt “free,” he said since he could now say those words without being scared of punishment.  Pok is 60 years old and a brilliant man.  Teaching sex ed became his life’s mission after his first class.

Watching condom DVD in boys sex ed

Today his class lasted about 3 hours.  Mine was about 2 hours.  We covered everything from reproductive parts to how to correctly put on a condom.  I made the video about 4 years ago and  I am happy to say that almost every student that goes to school and every adult who is a parent, watches it.

I called up the four girls who were teachers when making the “funeral pockets.”   I gave them each a pair of scissors, the leftover material and needles.  When I told them that the nurses had invited them

Girls making more funeral pockets for students

to go to other classrooms and teach how to make them, they were ecstatic.  After class, they were sewing funeral pockets for other girls who missed the class.  Boys even wanted them.

We ended the day with a movie about global warming.  They had never seen ice except in a water bottle.  Nor had most of them seen waterfalls, even though there is a large one in Ghana.  Many of the boys were glued to the computer dazzled by the sights of these huge natural phenomenon.

Another great day!


10 thoughts on “SEX EDUCATION

  1. Jan – Just got home from our thanksgiving dinner at the Fire Station – 14 families, lots of good food, company & converstion. Our foreign exchanged student had lots of fun, including a ride on the engine.
    Hope your day was good & I know helpful to others.
    You are the best. Love to you , Caren & family.

  2. Some great stuff! I can’t imagine a more satisfying feeling than seeing and experiencing the heart warming rippling effects of a seed planted years ago. Way to go Jan ! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving ! Hugs and Love, Lar

  3. How refreshing to have students like sponges – absorbing information and so keen to learn about life in general. Their attitude towards learning is such an example and could do wonders in many more privilaged schools. It helps to have such open minded teachers and nor having conservative parents about to hamper very important sex education.

  4. Hi, Jan! Just a note to say “hi” and to salute you for the work you’re doing. I enjoy your blog and appreciate being included.

    Please tell me your address so I can send you a check to support all the fine work you’re doing!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Jan; the world is a better place because of you.



  5. Way to go Jan! So cool. I bet it was a tropical fruit punch flavored condom that the girl won for answering a question! They should have programs like this in every town. We have doubled the planet’s population since 1970 and the earth cannot take that many people. Awesome job.